Saturday, 4 May 2013

Learn skateboarding


Secrets of skateboarding is a neat book/s that give detailed an precise information on tricks. There's a downside however. It costs 17 dollars from the official page

Now all you have to is wait 5 seconds, click skip ad and click the download button. Then you'll realise you just saved yourself 17 dollars :)

Here, is where you can get all the 3 books for free These include :

the learning guide

The learning guide is a book written by Tony Wafers and contains information about skateboarding tricks. It gives step by steps instructions on all of these tricks : Ollie, pop shuvit, kickflip, boardslide, 360 flip, 180 flip, 180 Ollie, heelflips, and all other tricks that can pop up in your head . The link for this  pdf is                       

The ultmite buying guide

The buying guide is another cool ebook. I think it's great for beginners so that they can get familiar about brands, sizes and board structure including the deck, griptate, trucks, bearings, wheels, and maintenance equipment. It has a lot of pics with labelling which makes it easier to learn.
The link for this pdf is

Build a ramp

This book is good for every skater starting from beginner , intermediate to pro. This has a lot of ramp designs that you can build anywhere you want. It has different types including half pipes, quarter pipes and kickers. I guess it's worth downloading. The pdf link is